Bayswater Heavy Haulage

Complete Heavy Haulage and Machinery Delivery in Bayswater

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Bayswater Heavy Haulage

We transport heavy machinery and conduct factory relocations in Bayswater

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Machinery Removal

We have the equipment and experience to move super-heavy equipment from the factory floor to the back of the truck. We take care of the entire process from the disconnect to the install.

Electrical and Plumbing Services

We provide qualified Electricians & Plumbers to ensure that electrical, gas and water connected machinery are disconnected without dangerous complications.

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Heavy Machinery Transport

We can arrange everything from Electrics to Insurance, Nationwide Transport and beyond.

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Transport Machinery with a National Heavy Haulage Service

Our Haulage Service is perfect for manufacturing businesses who need heavy equipment delivered to clients. We even offer certified machinery install and commissioning service.

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Nationwide Factory Removals

Being based in Melbourne gives us the upper hand in Nationwide Transport, with the ability to orchestrate transport between all states as well as between the mainland and Tasmania.

Crane Truck Service

We operate a 9.5T capacity Volvo FL10 Crane Truck with 8x4 bogie drive and twin steering. That means we can move super-heavy equipment like Boilers without contracting another provider for the freight.

Custom Delivery Service

We understand that heavy or fragile machinery needs care throughout the moving process - that's why we supervise and carefully select our contractors for your move.

Fully Insured Transport

While most Crane Truck and Semi Trailer Removal providers have public liability, our Crane Truck Removal Service is fully insured for your cargo as well.

Crane Truck Transport in Bayswater

We specialize in extracting and transporting large, heavy machinery and equipment for Industry.

With a powerful 9.5-tonne crane truck, we can move the most massive equipment while safely dismantling and disconnecting complex electrical and plumbed factory machinery.

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Crane Truck in Boronia and Bayswater


We provide Engineering and Steel Fabrication for common factory placements like Mezzanine Floor Fabrication and Construction, Handrail and Guardrail Manufacturing in Melbourne and General Steel Fabrication.

Crane Trucks in Boronia

Heavy Removals

With a complete Heavy Forklift service and Crane Truck service in Boronia and Melbourne, state and nationwide removal options, we take care of every aspect of your factory relocations.
Crane Trucks in Boronia

Lift and Move

With a variety of heavy lift jacks, machinery skates, and innovative machinery removal solutions, RJ Engineering can lift, relocate and reconnect the heaviest equipment with ease.

Bayswater Engineering & Transport Services


Complete relocation and reinstallation of factory equipment and machinery.

Heavy Lift

Complete relocation and reinstallation of factories. We supply forklifts, crane trucks and heavy haulage transport.


Maintenance on all types of machinery. We can provide Welding as well as Fitting and Machining.


Servicing of mixing and chemical factories, petrochemical plants and high-pressure pipe.


We can store machinery at our warehouse, which is located in Bayswater.